Wednesday, February 27, 2008


"In the event of cabin depressurization, oxygen mask will drop down. Place the mask over your nose & mouth & breath normally."

You probably have heard this so many times from a flight attendant. Breathe normally? Are you serious? In the verge of a major disaster, how can one breath normally?

I was listening to a podcast by Ravi Zacarias. He was telling a story when the pilot made an announcement that they had to make an emergency landing because the landing gear was not working right.

He was told to bend, face down with his head in between his knees while holding on to his ankles. He was then told to breathe normally. There it is again.

He made a very interesting comment after telling the story. He said that when he looked around, he couldn't see one soul sleeping.

"It is difficult sleep in the midst of ravenous risk around you."

In a time where the world is in a major risk, some can still afford to sleep. In the midst of a major storm, many are tending to kick back.

With what the next generation is going through, there is just no way we can take it sitting. With the menu that is being presented to them through TV, internet and media, one can't help to just sit back, relax and watch the next generation get sucked into moral decadence.

We are told to advance His kingdom. (Matthew 11:12) How? We can start with the young generation. What we have received, let us pass on to them.

Breathe normally? I can't.


prose said...

i agree!!
we really have to hone the young ones..we should teach what we learn.

jomi said...

i second that one :)

Anonymous said...

. . at one look, i thought i was starin at a pastor on panic attack ? . . sory to have this playfull imagination ptr. pao, but kidding aside, yes indeed,im excited to see the new breed of young Christians not just from our church but across the world, leading the way as the true spiritual warriors of the next generation, im lookin forward to be an instrument and a part of it !