Monday, April 28, 2008

MOSAIC THINKERS: Millennial Generation (Part 2)

While my eldest son, Nathan who is 12 years old, was studying for an exam, my wife approached me with a question.

"Will you let your son do what he's doing?" Suddenly, he is no longer 'our' son but 'my' son. I went in to check what he was doing.

While reading his notes, he had his iPod in his ears while eating chips and lying on the bed. I told Jenn that let's see that if he passes his exams, then it should be just fine.

The millenial generation today are MOSAIC. Mosay - what? Yes, mosaic.

The generation before us think linear. They think steps: step 1, then 2, then 3 and so on. But not with this up and coming generation. They think mosaic - able to receive multiply inputs all at the same time which is why they can multi-task better than their parents.

That is the reason behind "P.I.P.s" (picture in picture), multiple tabs in Firefox, Spaces in Mac's Leopard OSX. They are able to do several things all at the same time.

For us adults, our goal is to help them finish a task. Focus is now a big thing for them, which is where we can step in and help them.

Oh, by the way, Nathan passed his exam.


Hilary said...

i used to study the same way too! it's amazing to see how different each generation is from the one before it and the one that comes after it.

how'd he fare in the exams?

Paolo Punzalan said...

he passed. ; )

nymfa said...

your kids are just blessed to have parents who are willing to understand and be there for them despite the generation gap.

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