Tuesday, June 17, 2008


One afternoon, I was going to meet a friend in Starbucks. Upon entering, on my right were a group of preteens huddled around a table drinking coffee. "Ten year old kids drinking coffee? Whoa! I didn't touch or even like coffee at that age."

I realized that it is not the coffee they were after. A sachet of Nescafe is Php 5.00. A short latte is about 90 pesos. The price difference is ginormous. But why would they buy it? It's for the experience!

This generation has been described by Dr. Leonard Sweet in his book "Postmodern Pilgrims" as an E.P.I.C. generation.

"E" for experiential.

Remember those days when a birthday party was as simple as a birthday cake, ice cream, balloons and some friends? That is now old school birthday celebration. These days, a birthday party has to be an experience. Themed parties from Princess to Power Rangers with shows to entertain that would include Magic shows, Bubble shows and even acrobatic shows.

If they come in a place and they don't come out with an 'experience', then it is boring.

How does this apply in spiritual terms?

We may not have the props Nickelodeon has, the animation Pixar shows nor the millions Cartoon Network has but we can offer (or God for that matter) an experience they will never forget - His presence.

Whether that's in church or at home, when they understand the power of God's presence in a person's life, then that's when genuine life change begins.


PS. The "P", "I" and "C" of E.P.I.C. will come next after this post.

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Myk said...

So true. And it would be nice to just have the old-fashioned things again, to be back in the olden days with simple wants and needs.

* * *

I'm not sure if I missed it, Pastor Pao, but I think you haven't posted the P. I. C. of EPIC yet. :)