Friday, August 29, 2008


An article in The Philippine Daily Inquirer was written about Terry Wallis.  The last time he was conscious about the world around him, Ronald Reagan was president, Bill Clinton was his state's governor, the Soviet Union was the United States' enemy and the World Trade Center stood tall.
After 19 years in coma because of a car accident that left him a quadriplegic, Terry Wallis utters his first words: Mom. Pepsi. Milk. Now at 39, he, in the last 2 weeks, realized that Reagan was no longer president, the cold war is over and a the World Trade Center is no longer there.
I think about that and can't help but say, "Wow."  Nineteen years have passed - that's 988 weeks, 6935 days, 166,440 hours.
We don't have that much time with our kids.  In a few years, they will launch out to the world and hope to hit their mark in God.  We cannot let them stay in a "spiritual coma" and expect them to wake up and hit their mark.
God bless you as you disciple, train and launch the next generation of world changers!


Anonymous said...

The write up moved my heart. God, help us as we pass the baton to our kids, to my son most especially.
Thank you Paolo...

Mike Watkins said...

Good example bro. Our daughters are teens now, and I make a habit of talking to myself when they ask for my attention. I say,” Mike, just put it down. It can wait till tomorrow. Go spend time with them."

This is a discipline, but it helps me. Sometimes talking to oneself is not bad :)

bongu said...

hey paolo...hope you are well...

the post echoed something that has been a concern of mine since I moved my family. Growing up in our school, we had the benefit of a decade of religious structure/induction. While it is openly allowed to practise our own religion here, we get to go to church and all, but still...can't help but feel its not enough for my daughter. her current school cover it so I have to figure out another way :)